Welcome to the Traders Outpost Read More The times since the gold rush may have changed but the passion of speculation still persists. Welcome to the Traders Outpost The times since the gold rush may have changed but the passion of speculation still persists. Read More Welcome to the Traders Outpost The times since the gold rush may have changed but the passion of speculation still persists. Read More


The times since the gold rush may have changed but the passion of speculation still persists. At ATS we are here to help you on your trading journey and provide you with the ‘secret sauce’ to help you on your way. This game is all about finding that slight edge in an otherwise efficient market that sets you apart from your competition.

To tilt the odds in your favour and allow for long term sustainable investment returns. The trading game is a tough nut to crack but we will give you that leg up by supplying you with decades of experience, research and powerful solutions and tools to help you on your mission. So stick with us as we take you on this exciting journey. You won’t be disappointed.

Traders Outpost

We Empower you with a Process to Develop an Enduring Edge



Education and Training

Learn how to apply the proven practices of Diversified Systematic Trend Following with limited trading capital

Trading Tools & Methods

Learn how to analyse data and benefit from the trading tools we have developed to improve your processes

Industry Research

We monitor the performance of the Fund Managers that adopt our recommended techniques so you can use this to benchmark your performance and adopt realistic expectations.

Listen to and Connect with those that Know

We present research and content from industry professionals and can connect you with some of the brightest minds to empower your trading processes.

Read our Blog to familiarise yourselves with the ATS mob

We Provide guidance on how to adopt diversified systematic trend following for Retail Traders

We monitor the monthly performance of professional Fund Managers that adopt the techniques we teach our members to help you benchmark your progress.

We keep you up to date with industry research and best practice.

Learn how to design, backtest and stress-test your strategies

Learn how to develop strategies with real edge

Learn how to create strategies using our recommended workflow processes with no coding experience

Learn how to properly analyse data

Compile powerful portfolios to improve your returns and reduce your drawdowns

The what, why and how of portfolio construction.

Learn how to risk-adjust your portfolio the trend following way.

Join us as a member to take your trading to the next level

Understand what a workflow process is and how you use it to remove discretion from the trading process.

Download our fully automated workflows to help you develop your own trading strategies and portolios. Collaborate with other traders.

Participate in research projects with other like-minded members.

Listen to and join discussions with professional Fund Managers.

Receive prompt support from traders with decades of experience.

Compound your Trading Abilities

We do not give you solutions to trade with but rather provide you with the skills to develop your own using your own data sources and broker preferences.

We stand on the Shoulders of Giants

We don’t focus on reinventing the wheel. We gain our knowledge and abilities from those successful professional Fund Managers with a long term validated track record. Our role is then just to impart that knowledge and practice to you.

From Quality Inputs Come Quality Outputs

There is just so much ‘noise in the marketplace’ that is such a difficult process for an aspiring trader to know what information is important to them. We fast track this process by focussing on the critical inputs that are needed to turn you into a successful retail trader.

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Full access to all content hosted on the Traders Outpost including trading tools, workflow processes and the ability to brainstorm with other like-minded traders and experienced professionals.

Traders Outpost Forum

As a paying member you get access to the Traders Outpost Forum. This is where we get into the nitty gritty with our members about the philosophy, procedure and practices of Diversified Systematic Trend Following and you get access to all our intellectual property.

Join us and other members in this great collaborative workspace.



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