A Participatory Universe – On Sensing, Consciousness and Imagination

A great deal of my thinking time in understanding complexity is focused towards dualism. Namely, the role of the observer and the observed, relationalism and how perspective (sensory perception through measurement) shapes a ‘very real’ but personal reality when you are a participant of a greater system.

When you stand on the shoulders of the giants in both the science of the external world (physics) and the science of the internal world (cognitive sciences) your personal universe is illuminated by the various different shards of personal perspective from other observers that tantalizingly hint at a greater unifying symmetry. That which can only be understood by unifying the different perspectives into a cohesive whole.

Enjoy this fascinating Mindscape podcast hosted by the very talented physicist Sean Carroll who delves into the curious power packed mind of Malcolm MacIver who exposes the hidden gems that lie in the notion of evolving consciousness.

The finite sensory bubble about the observer and it’s available information shapes the optimised ’emergent’ solution in the context of the greater system. As life stepped onto land, this new environment provided a far greater available sensory bubble for life that took advantage of it and possibly kick-started the need for long term planning in decision making and fast-tracked the process towards higher order consciousness.

Move over specialists, it’s now time for the polymaths to have a say by connecting the dots.

Malcolm MacIver on Sensing, Consciousness, and Imagination

Trade well and prosper

Rich B

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