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ATS Trading Solutions represents the culmination of an extended partnership between two unlikely lads (Rich  and Fred) who share a common vision. To share their long experience in system development, portfolio management and trading the financial markets to hopefully give you a leg up on your trading journey by:

Don’t get us wrong. Sustainable long term trading solutions are a tough ask to achieve as the financial markets progressively become more complex. What was sufficient in the past in delivering strong performance returns may no longer work today as market conditions dynamically change and remove current exploitable opportunities.

Quite simply, our mission is to give you the keys to success in this evolving market place. To make you dynamically adjust your expectations in response to the market and quite simply make you better traders.

We are science lovers who demand empirical evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of our trading solutions and our mission is to work tirelessly on informing you of the countless ways in a quantifiable manner to exploit current market conditions using time-tested robust systems that dynamically adjust in response to new emerging market conditions.

So if you have a penchant for sustainable risk-weighted returns….we want to hear from you….as that is our modus operandi.

Richard Brennan (Left), Manfred (Fred) Bretterecker (Right)

Richard Brennan

Richard is a science enthusiast with a long-standing track record in the financial services industry both as a trader, risk manager and fund compliance professional. Given his leaning towards the quantifiable and verifiable, Richard is a strong advocate for systematic and diversified trading styles that avoid the need for discretionary decision making. Richard is a content producer of the site and is also principally involved in the Program analytics and Portfolio Compilation of ATS activities.

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Manfred Bretterecker

Fred has had a long career in engineering and his trading passion lies in automation and programming. Fred has been developing automated trading software for many years and is fluent in many programming languages including MT4 and Visual Basic. Given his expertise in all things programmatic, Fred is the chief designer and architect of the many trading Programs and Tools you will see hosted on this site.

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