Anaximander’s Legacy – Uncertain about Certainty

Ok….so we all have our philosophical favourites and mine is Anaximander.  One of the greatest under-rated thinkers of the ages. A thinker that revolutionised the world view and paved the way for the sciences. The never ending quest to build better models in a world governed by uncertainty.

Forget Democritus and the ‘certain’ indivisible atom…..that was just lego stuff…..this intellectual giant forayed into our very own ignorance and allowed us to question our own knowledge and continue learning.

His thinking was subversive, visionary and evolutionary.

Welcome to the exciting but very uncertain world of Anaximander.

…..and welcome to the very coherent relativistic mind of another great thinker who has mastered the art of gedanken thought and is alive today…..Carlo Rovelli and his important works. These are the sort of books you take on your holidays and just get lost in the beauty of it all.

….and some intriguing podcasts from Carlo.

Trade well and prosper

Rich B

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