ATS has just had a makeover…and we’re feeling good

We were starting to feel old and tired….and then a youngster kicked sand in our face at the beach and that was the final nail in the coffin for us. It was time to get the dumbbells out and sculpt a better self.

We have been busy over the last few months shaping our offering at the Traders Outpost to retail traders wanting to lift their skill sets to the next level by learning the techniques of systematic diversified trading using price following methods that deliver positive skew.

We firmly believe that there is a significant opportunity as educators in the retail trading space to showcase the practices and principles of the long standing successful Fund Managers from ground up. Let’s face the inconvenient truth….the vast majority of retail traders are unlikely to make it long term in this highly competitive landscape…despite their best intent.

The reality is that retail traders comprise a very small population of the total market and represent fodder or a blip in the market due to their general lack of scale and expertise that is simply snuffed out….time and time again….. by their propensity to seek excessive returns through irresponsible leverage prompted by predatory industry marketing.

We want to show traders that it is in fact possible these days with enhancements in technology and lower barriers to entry to adopt the principles and practices of the successful Fund Manager’s by learning how to preserve finite capital while seeking to exploit opportunities that have the potential to build long term sustainable wealth.

While the general information is already out there with the host of podcasts and informed commentary from the FM professionals and educators….there is a lack of the specific information and practical guidance about the necessary elements that create that ‘secret sauce’….. unless of course that you are prepared to shell out a vast amount of that hard earned but very finite capital in your mentoring costs.

We want to bridge that gap and provide a very reasonable low cost solution for retail traders who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg developing their capabilities by joining with us in our new website  and forum and becoming a long standing member to keep up-to-date.

We have three highly skilled veterans on hand in our Forum to help you in your journey that have specialised in strategy development, systematic programming and portfolio construction and management. We provide off-the-shelf solutions for those starting out or who simply don’t have the available time to invest in training and professional development…… but perhaps more importantly, we offer powerful tools and practical demonstrations to upskill those interested in forging their own path towards diversified systematic trend/following and momentum approaches. There is a lot of that….”if you teach a man to fish etc. etc. etc……..” going on.

But enough of the banter….we would like to invite you to have a look around our website first before you consider making a decision. Just click on this link to access the Traders Outpost and make yourself at home. We have locked some of the website for the exclusive use of paying members.  We are offering the first 100 applicants access to the exclusive members area for free, for the first month.

To obtain the first month free membership just go to the membership page of our website and choose the Premium Membership Plan and proceed to checkout. On the Membership Checkout page just click on the discount code and apply the code VIP100 to receive your first month free. So long as you cancel your membership in your first month then you won’t be charged a penny. If you don’t cancel in the first month it will automatically go to $9.99 AUD per month following your first free month.

Looking forward to seeing you over there. So come and join us and participate in our forum with other like minded systematic diversified trend following folk.

Trade well and prosper

The ATS mob


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  • David P Ankrapp
    October 1, 2019 9:53 am

    $9.99 AUD??? I’m gonna hope that the Aussie continues to drop against the USD – that way I’ll always get a discount!! 🙂

    Humor aside, I’m joining C. Thanks to you, Fred, and Darren for establishing a level-headed, information-heavy, trading site…



    • Great to have you on board D. I shot you an email regarding your query on Paypal processing. Let me know if you can now obtain access to the members section of the forum. Cheers Mate C….(aka Rich)

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