Basics of Portfolio Construction For Price Followers – Introduction Part 8 – A Short Pause Before we Continue

For those who have been following this discussion so far….we are about to go under the hood to explain some of the processes we undertake that in our opinion makes us different to the more traditional methods deployed in searching for alpha using a price following technique. You will have read already of some of the nuanced differences in our particular approach we take to Systematic Price Following, but we are about to unveil in more detail the techniques that we believe delivers some of that secret sauce.

If you want to come with us on this journey, then you need to become a member. This is proprietary stuff that we will be sharing that we feel delivers the king hit in our particular workflow approach. We share this with our members to generate interest and discussion and collaboratively problem solve to further refine these approaches. We want our members to become participators in this problem solving as opposed to simply spectators, but recognise that there is a learning curve to get there.

This learning curve first requires a re-wiring to  challenge a different mindset which we have attempted to achieve up to this point, and then the desire to adopt a particular philosophy we suggest may be a better way for the traditional retail trader who currently is struggling to find a sustainable path. This particular approach we adopt has been distilled from a very long R&D phase of listening to and understanding the principles and practices of the long term successful FM’s that practice systematic diversified trend following approaches.

We will not share these specific techniques that have been distilled from our own R&D with the general public via our social media channels, but encourage any of you that might be interested in joining with us as a collaborative member.

All our discussion on these particular methodologies will from now be restricted to our members forum.

Thanks for reading and your interest so far.

For our members….stay tuned….more to follow ?

Trade well and prosper

The ATS mob

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Looking forward to seeing you over there. So come and join us and participate in our forum with other like minded systematic diversified trend following folk.

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