CTA Fund Performance Report – 30 June 2019 – Climbing out of Drawdowns

June 2019 saw a continuation of positive performance for the CTA’s with the CTA Composite Index (60) now showing a 4.58% positive return YTD and the TF Global Index (37) reflecting a 3.94% YTD return. Will we see the protracted drawdown that has been experienced by these indexes since January 2015 vaporize, or is this just a short  term teaser before the overall markets flip back into their steady mean reverting rhythm?

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The Case for Systematic over Discretionary Trading Styles

“You need many trials to expose biases the same way Vegas needs many bets to exemplify the fact that their long-term edges are ultimately insurmountable”. Art Collins in In Beating the Financial Futures Market (Wiley, 2006) makes a powerful case for systems trading over discretionary trading. The following thought provoking extract was posted by Brenda Jubin in