The Importance of Dynamically Adjusting your Trend Following Models

This video examines the importance of dynamically adjusting your trend following models to recognise the fact that complex financial systems such as these markets adapt over time. We demonstrate through walk-through examples how small variations to your trend following strategies make all the difference over the very long term. Trade well and prosper The ATS

Is Trend Following Dead?

As the shouts arise that trend following is offering no Crisis Alpha during the recent Equity turbulence….we once again get the age old cries that Trend Following is Dead. There is no black and white in this story….just different shades of grey. This video hopefully puts to rest those arguments and suggests that Trend Following

Portfolio Creation using Metatrader 4 – Instructional Videos of the Workflow Process

The following instructional videos are a work in progress. The workflow process discussed demonstrates the systematic techniques we use at ATS to develop compilations of systems designed to squeeze the juice out of trending environments. An overview of this process has been discussed in our latest podcast. The workflow process currently describes the 4 step

Traders Outpost Podcast 08 – An Overview of Some new Portfolio Creation Tools

Fred and Rich discuss and demonstrate some new powerful tools developed within the Metatrader 4 (MT4) environment that allow traders to use fully automated methods to construct powerful risk-adjusted portfolios. These algorithms will be made available for use by our Premium Forum Members. These tools currently work at the individual market level (sub portfolio) and