Matching Your Mental Models with the Reality

Non-linear systems that allow for non-deterministic (intractable) outcomes necessitate probabilistic heuristic mind sets to address them. To have any attempt of matching your mental models with the reality you need to embrace bayesian thinking, fat tailed distributions and asymmetries. So let’s have a look at spies, crime and lightning strikes to see how. The Value of

Welcome to the Knowledge Bank

An an ongoing feature of this website we thought we would include a knowledge bank that comprises links to the valuable advice and research that have helped over the years to shape the philosophies, ideas and practices that you will find on our website. We hope you like this segment of our website as much

The Case for Systematic over Discretionary Trading Styles

“You need many trials to expose biases the same way Vegas needs many bets to exemplify the fact that their long-term edges are ultimately insurmountable”. Art Collins in In Beating the Financial Futures Market (Wiley, 2006) makes a powerful case for systems trading over discretionary trading. The following thought provoking extract was posted by Brenda Jubin in