Jerry Parker refers...

Jerry Parker refers to his new friend - Richard  


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07/11/2019 8:46 am  

Jerry follows Rich on twitter and recently referred to a tweet by Rich in his weekly podcast:

an extract here for your listening pleasure...

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07/11/2019 9:10 am  

oh god, does that mean we have to book an appointment when we want to talk to him now 😆 

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07/11/2019 10:38 am  

@Freda and Darren

Gentleman, I am Rich's new secretary responding on Rich's behalf. Rich would like to say that he thanks you for your interest and he is always available for a chat. All you have to do is now book an appointment with me and I will try to slot you into his very busy workload.

According to my diary, he should be somewhere in Costa Rica today.

Very nice chatting.


Sarah 'Steamy' Lovejoy

(on behalf of Rich)



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