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Hi guys and welcome to the forum. You may have already bumped into me on other Forums such as Forex Factory. As you may have guessed already, I am an admin on this site (Rich B) and am a devoted systematic diversified price follower.

I first started trading in the late 1980's mainly in Australian stocks and options and became heavily involved in the back-end of Funds Management in areas of Fund Compliance. Custodianship and Responsible Entity/ Trustee operations for a Listed entity on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).  In that capacity I was introduced to a large number of Investment Managers seeking a home under a Responsible Entity structure in Australia and became very interested in the techniques and practices applied by the Fund Management much so that in 2012 I and my work partners started a small fund which had a brief unsuccessful stint in the sun.

That took me back to the drawing board where I undertook substantial R&D and developed my skills towards systematic diversified price following approaches....and from there I have never looked back. 

Unfortunately not many retail traders have exposure to the techniques of the professional fund managers and this in my opinion is perhaps the biggest 'elephant in the room' for us small guys and gals. There is a reason why the top performing fund managers in the world are systematic and diversified price followers. It simply works. To verify this, you just need to refer to the audited track records of these guys. However to understand how it works you need to understand how to diversify and how to compile powerful portfolios. Unfortunately most of us retail traders get stuck in 'single system' land and can never see the wood for the trees.

Understanding diversification and portfolio management places the focus on what can be achieved at the global portfolio level. The individual systems contained therein are just a means to an end. A lot of my time on this forum will be spent explaining how this can be achieved to members without having to be a dedicated Fund Manager (looking after other peoples money) to achieve this end.

You may ask, do I trade and what are my results? Well the answer is yes I do trade and extensively. I come from an old school where what you achieve personally is your own business. However because we host portfolios on this site we will be using nominal real accounts to monitor their progress to at least satisfy those who need me to demonstrate that the guidance given is not just a theoretical exercise and can be backed up with a live trading record.

So I am looking forward to meeting you all and having great discussions with like minded folk who have a penchant for diversified systematic price following.



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