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Jacopo Monti
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16/01/2020 7:48 am  

Hello to all the forum Members. I have just joined and I'm looking forward to this new educational journey.

I started trading in 2014 and like most, tried different strategies, blew up my account a few times and then realized that if I wanted to get somewhere I needed to apply myself and study the art of trading... fast forward to 2016 when I first discovered trend following and since then have been an avid reader of the strategy. Have tried out a few systems but when the P&L goes south I become jittery and stop trading.

After some soul searching I realized that I needed to backtest my system to understand really what to expect and then work on portfolio construction (ie assembling complementary systems that help smooth out some of the drawdowns). This is where I am at now and was looking at backtesting platforms when Richard, via Twitter, suggested I tried Metatrader (the funny thing is that I've used it as a trading platform for some years but never for backtesting). And here I am, with no programming skills but with a great drive to learn how to backtest properly and hopefully in the future how to automate a systematic trading system.....


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Rich B
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16/01/2020 12:05 pm  

Hi J


I will respond to you in your other post. Cheers



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