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Hi all,

Just thought I would say hello as I just signed up to the traders outpost. I am currently predominantly a ASX equities trader but looking to diversify into FX and stumbled across this website. After having a quick look through the forum there seems to be some good information here so looking forward to expanding my knowledge and hopefully sharing some too. The bulk of my trading has been focused on mean reversion over the last three years on the All Ordinaries, I use amibroker for system design and validation as well as signal generation. All my systematic trading is done on end of day basis currently but I am open to moving into smaller timeframes in the FX market possibly.


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Hi Roller

Welcome aboard. There is lot's of stuff on the forum and the 'Site Content' forum to get your teeth into. Take your time to look around. Great to have an Amibroker trader amongst us. Thank Nick for referring you to us. 🙂

We are currently stepping thru a Donchian Breakout System in our 'How to Guide' Section. We really like designing from ground up so you will clearly see the design criteria and settings we use on MT4 which you can apply to Amibroker and test it across your available universe. If you also want to get into FX and CFD's then the MT4 platform is free amongst most retail brokers which gives you exposure to FX and possibly CFD's dependent on your broker.

The platform itself in terms of reporting functionality in it's native form is far inferior to Ami-brokers power....however Fred is adding extra grunt in the back end of the algo's we develop to make it very powerful indeed. So if you want to use these algo's we are developing then feel free to download a copy of MT4 and trial them. We have a few installation videos etc. that should get you up and running on this platform.....otherwise you might want to code up these solutions up yourself in Amibroker.....but you might miss out on the powerful optimisation approach we are about to discuss on the Walk-through.

Please use the download section on the Members forum and not the shop. Everything you see in the shop is for non-members. Our members get access to all our stuff while registered. There are a number of Programs you might want to take for a road test....but don't trade them live at the moment. We have our concerns with them as the design logic is a bit suss despite their robustness over the past backtest regime....but they are great for backtest road-testing etc and becoming familiar with Strategy Tester on MT4....to demonstrate what we are trying to achieve here.

We are price followers here R...so not much discussion on mean reversion......We accept all heretics here however *joking*......but we do handle momentum and trend following extensively in our diversified portfolios.

Cheers R from me and the boys




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