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Like Copernicus, I too previously frequented Forums under the guise of RedLineFred.

I fell into trading after attending a wealth building seminar in 2010, where I was introduced to the world of Forex. I was immediately drawn to the idea (as many are) to make money from home and become a keyboard warrior.

Well that didn’t go so well, and it didn’t take me all that long to realise that I sucked at being a discretionary trader. I followed the rules, took the trades I was meant to take, but as this wasn’t working, I lost the plot.

Being technically bent I figured there had to be a better way and so began my journey into algo trading.

After working in this space for over nine years I can code pretty much anything I need and have helped others along the way.

I was asked to present on MQL4 coding at a local meetup and in the crowd was my now good mate and trading partner Rich. We didn’t see eye to eye in the beginning, but our friendship grew. What I didn’t realise and neither did Rich was that we had also previously connected at Forex Factory exchanging ideas and posts under our pseudonyms.

So, welcome to our site and I hope to engage you in fruitful discussion as I know you will benefit from what we offer and what we can create together. We have a great team here with Darren having recently joined and we have several projects in the pipeline that will hopefully enrich us all.


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