Fully automated

As a member you can compile your own portfolios using our fully automated ingredients, or better still, you can use our own comprehensive compiled portfolio solutions which are continuously monitored by ATS and re-balanced to keep our portfolio solutions razor sharp with an edge. We provide all the instructions on how to easily apply these solutions to your own brokers accounts in accordance with your level of capital, available margin (leverage) and risk tolerance.

Accompanying our portfolio solutions are detailed analytics which we continuously update on a regular and provide to you. We advise you on what we do at ATS with our own preferred portfolios to amend and re-balance them from time to time so you can follow along with us if you like.

If you are familiar with loading Expert Advisors onto your own Metatrader 4 (MT4) platforms, then we make this process of running a portfolio a simple one. You might feel that a portfolio is a complicated beast to run….but you will quickly learn from us how simple it really is.

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