ATS Members benefit from…..

  1. Access to all current Programs and Trading Tools during the period of your membership which is made available through the Members Forum Download section;
  2. Access to the Members Forum where you can interact directly with the ATS team and other Members, have general discussions with and share trading tips and strategies between members and ATS;
  3. Access proprietary information through the Members Forum used by ATS in strategy development techniques for both discretionary and systematic trading styles, strategy backtesting and performance evaluation, portfolio compilation, risk adjusting techniques and re-balancing techniques; and
  4. Compile powerful risk adjusted portfolios which are traded and periodically re-balanced by ATS. We offer to our members guidance on how to compile portfolios and periodically re-balance them according to your capital availability and risk appetite using ATS Expert Advisers which are available for download in the Members section.

Membership offers significant value well above and beyond that which could be obtained by our competition in the trading education space. We also have a very long pipeline of new tools and powerful Programs that will be progressively made available to our members to provide a significant incentive for you to stay longer with us.

….sound fair

So if you want bang for buck and the ability to become part of something we think is exciting and big, then sign up with us. You won’t be disappointed.

Trade well and prosper

The ATS mob


AUD$39 ( per month )
  • Member Forum access
  • Access to ATS Trading Tools and Research
  • Access to ATS Strategies and Portfolios
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