Michael Covel – The Beacon for those that like to “Follow Price”

Without doubt, Mike is one of the most ardent advocates of systematic diversified trend/momentum trading with a host of content rich books on the subject, a vast collection of relevant research and an excellent podcast drawing on experts in a broad range of fields and disciplines that will inspire you to become critical thinkers and simply become better traders and lovers of quality education.

His no nonsense style of unpacking ideas laced with many F…bombs in his monologues also will toughen you up in this game….and will probably have you rolling on the floor laughing. No doubt he will polarize some….but us trend followers are a bit tougher than that and have learnt how to take the hit in the school of hard knocks.

His latest edition of ‘Trend Following’ is a magnificent achievement that totally overhauls his previous editions and no doubt will become your ‘one stop shop’ for information of the shady art of trend following.


I am only highlighting some of my personal favorites here as he has been in the game so long….but if I was you I would start from No.1 and retreat to a monastery for a few years to listen to them all.


Trend Following by Michael Covel


Here are just a few of my personal favorites….in fact if you like log drives then I highly recommend ‘Trend Following” in audio format.

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