Portfolio Construction

For us retail traders, we tend to focus on individual strategies and place our hope in their ability to generate cashflow and wealth building returns, however for most of us, we have been kept in the dark about powerful methods of diversification and portfolio construction that make this tough game far easier.

We have all heard about the ‘free lunch’ that a diversified portfolio brings to the trading equation, but not many of us know how to do it like the pro’s.

As a member, we will be providing you with complete automated portfolios that are continuously monitored and evaluated and periodically re-balanced by the ATS team. All you need to do is load them up, scale them to your risk appetite and let them sing their song. 

We will also be teaching our members the ‘shady art’ of portfolio construction from ground up and also be providing you powerful portfolio construction tools to assist you in this up-skilling. Just like all knowledge, it changes over time and having a membership with us ensures you keep up-to-date with most recent developments in portfolio compilation and construction.

We will be teaching you how to risk-adjust your portfolio’s to keep portfolio volatility in control, how to periodically re-balance your portfolio to keep it’s performance in peak condition. Having these skills ensures you never need to strategy hop again or go back to basics. Our process simply makes your dynamic portfolio get better and better over time.

So we will teach you how to start with this:

Diversify to achieve this:

Then eliminate those systems that negatively contribute to the portfolio and map system correlations to get to this:

To risk adjust through global portfolio treatment to get this:

…and then final risk adjusting and scaling to reap the rewards and achieve this.

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