Bollinger Mean Reversion MS Excel Template

Bollinger Mean Reversion MS Excel Template


This model allows you to test a broad range of variables to evaluate the expected future performance based on historical data.


This template introduces you to a simple system using Bollinger Bands which seeks to capitalise on the potential of price to oscillate around it’s average (or mean). Price rarely moves in straight lines, even in a trend and tends to oscillate between periods of overbought condition and periods of oversold condition.

When price takes an excursion away from the mean when in a trend towards higher highs or lower lows, then frequently it will revert back towards the mean and may overshoot to overbought or oversold conditions. Once in this condition you are ideally placed to take long trades back in the direction of the primary trend, with excellent risk to reward ratios.

Instructions on how to use this model can be found at this link.


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