Robust strategies

The key to a powerful portfolio lies in the quality of it’s ingredients. We will teach you what to look for in finding those systems that meet the criteria for portfolio inclusion. It is not what you think. What does robust really mean and how do we test for it?

Let us say that you have a number of different strategies and/or systems, each with varying volatile equity curves.

The temptation is to select the overall best performer and go with that one, but we will show you a method that outlines a streamlined process where you select them by virtue of their degree of robustness in being able to navigate a vast array of different market conditions.

The individual system selections are the ingredients, not the total solution. We use them as the basis for powerful portfolio compilation down the track to provide a far greater bang for buck for your finite capital than what can be achieved by a single system.

We provide and continuously update quality system ingredients for our members to download and use within the Members Forum.

For members who want to go down the ‘do it yourself’ path, then we provide you with the tools, expertise and advise to guide you in your journey.

In a nutshell, we give you the keys to step up to the next level and think like a professional fund manager.