Steps you can take to control how you think

Our perception of the world about us is controlled by how we think and we tend to use our thoughts as the ultimate arbiter of our perception of ‘truth’. The associated belief statement therefore is manifested in our behaviour and how we seek to interact with the world about us. The reality however is that our thoughts are just an emergent outcome of a system of processes and if we can understand the processes involved, we have a chance of taking direct action and improving our state of well being. The bottom line is that our thoughts can be changed, but not by our naive conclusion that we simply’ change our thoughts’, but rather dig deeper into the causal factors that shape them and thus disturb them to create different belief sets.

Interestingly, coherence is a principle that can be used as a basis to assess whether your thoughts and behaviour are aligned or ‘in flow’ or not. My favorite physicist David Bohm spent many years of his life delving into ‘thought as a system‘ and engaged in many workshops and discussions with the well known philosopher Krishnamurti designed to interrogate this beast we call incoherent thought.

….but further research discussed by Dr Alan Watkins digs deeper still in this quest and examines the physiology, emotions and feelings that act as the foundation stones for any thought and subsequent behaviour. In this analysis you once again see the principle of coherence at work, not in the actual thoughts themselves but rather in the underlying processes that shape the thought itself.

As trend traders, an understanding of behavioural mechanics is a handy prerequisite to not only inspire peak performance every day but give us confidence that we may be on the right path in our assumption that there will be times when physiology, emotions and feelings may conspire to create coordinated crowd behaviour that we can pounce on.

Enjoy Alan’s take on ‘how to be brilliant every day’.

Alan Watkins – “Being Brilliant Every Single Day” 

Breathe well and prosper

Rich B

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