Video Series – How to Develop Diversified Systematic Trend Following Models for Metatrader 4 using StrategyQuant X and QuantAnalyzer.

The following seven video episodes provide a detailed overview of a workflow process used to develop diversified systematic trend following portfolios using StrategyQuant X and QuantAnalyzer. Episode 1 provides an overview of our approach to diversification across markets and systems and outlines how this process seeks to develop divergent trend following models that target the

How to Jump on Board the Diversified Systematic Trend Following Portfolio Wagon…….When you are not a Programmer – Part 1

Greeting trend followers. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series which provides a way forward for those who are not experts at computer programming…yet have a passion to get immersed into the diversified systematic trend following world. We introduce Strategy Quant X and Quant Analyzer to our members that provides a way forward into