A Quick Introduction to the Workflow Process

Why trend following?….Well perhaps the current market shenanigans provides a timely reminder of this powerful technique. The following video provides a brief overview of the introductory processes we engage to derive robust trend following sub portfolios at the individual market level which are then later consolidated into robust and powerful fully systematic diversified trend following

CTA FUND PERFORMANCE REPORT – 31 October 2019 – “I say….Stick your Head up Johnson Old Chap and see if the Trend is Dead”

Another tough month lads….but don’t lose heart……uncertainty still exists….though some bright sparks won’t see it. Ok…so Trend Following is difficult…..but it always has been. So what has changed?……well actually nothing really. Drawdowns are just a fact of life in this particular game where our long term success is defined by a handful of positive outliers.