Taking a Surfing Lesson with Bill Dreiss

If you happen to bump into Bill Dreiss who might be found skillfully navigating the waves on a remote beach somewhere, then it is very worthwhile lending him a towel and stoking up the beach fire to share a few stories of wave riding. You may find that he opens up and lends you his very experienced ear about surfing, life and his fascinating insights into trading the financial markets.

Bill is a scientist and a seasoned veteran in trading the financial markets with a stunning long term track record in trading commodity markets using his unique systematic methods of trading trends across a variety of asset classes. Bill draws his inspiration from his passion for science, observing the behaviour of complex systems at work and his agreement with Benoit Mandelbrot in the principle that trends persist across all time scales more than what a random-walk would imply.

Rather than wax lyrical about Bill’s philosophies and methods which can be found in the excellent podcasts from Top Traders Unplugged  with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen below, a picture of his audited verified long term track record since 2000 speaks a thousand words. You can of course go further back to fund inception in May 1991 by referring to IASG’s wonderful database. That should be enough to encourage the reader to investigate more about this quietly spoken, modest and amazing man. If you listen closely, you may hear chooks in the background as opposed to the clang of the market bells. That in itself speaks volumes about the passions of innovative thinkers like Bill and why they stay far away from the madding crowds.


Location Independence with Systems Trading with Bill Dreiss of Dreiss Research Corporation – 1 of 2

Acknowledging Risk on a Daily Basis with Bill Dreiss of Dreiss Research Corporation – 2 of 2

Research articles for Download

Bill Dreiss – Automating the Dow Theory Oct 90

Bill Dreiss – Measuring Market Choppiness Oct 93


Surfs up. Try and catch a few of those powerful fractal waves.

Trade well and prosper

Rich B

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