The Power of “The Edge”

In a complex system which is nested amongst greater systems where the competition for finite resources is rife and power laws apply, it is the small marginal improvements in process that lead to outsized returns.

It is not about mere random luck though that can have a major role to play in the trajectory taken given its omnipresence in any complex system , nor the ‘best decisions’  as that infers we fully understand the system we are embedded in (which is limited to only that portion of the system we have access to), but rather, the real game changer is about the marginal improvements in our decision making process made along the way within our very personal accessible part of the greater system.

Remember there are no strict rules made in our personal hubble volumes, just emergent ephemeral features of complexity defined within broad constraint bounds. The laws that constrain the possible states of any complex sub system to enforce co-variance throughout the nested hierarchy of system within system and  give rise to ’cause and effect’ emanate from the greater system within which all other systems are contained  This includes ourselves as participants who are not privy to perfect information of the whole universe of systems.

As a result, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the real world of emergent complexity…merely better decisions. The constraints imposed by the greater laws lead to a large, but finite universe of possible solutions in each subsystem where some solutions are simply better than others. It is a Bayesian game of progressively improving your decision making.

Don’t believe me?

Then first read this.

Why having an edge matters in a system of finite resources

Then  listen to this.

How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Stephen Duneier 

Now step back and connect the dots. You will find that the “secret sauce of success” for any endeavor you choose lies within.

Trade well and prosper

Rich B

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