Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger, haven’t seen you around these parts before. Do you want some advice?

You want to be a successful trader as you have heard the stories about the wealth to be had for the taking but you don’t know where to start.
The Traders Outpost is your first port of call.

You see, despite the stories you may have heard, random good fortune for a trader is as rare as a lucky strike on the Gold Fields.

Speculation is a competitive game where you need to first learn the time proven processes and techniques that give you that essential leg-up to survive this competitive landscape.

While anyone can be lucky, we teach you the techniques to convert ‘luck into a skill’. Sustainable trading is about finding that elusive edge that persists over your trading career.We are here to give you guidance in your trading journey and teach you the techniques developed by very successful professional traders who have stood the test of time in this game of speculation.

Our focus is to teach traders the principles and practices of the Diversified Systematic Trend Followers who have been able to demonstrate a 30-to-40-year track record. This is not a track record of a game of random chance. This is a validated track record of a process that we will be using to teach a trader how to protect their trading capital at all times yet how to increase your ability to ‘be in the right place at the right time’.

While many traders may have heard the stories about these traders such as the famous ‘Turtles Story’ and the names of some of these world class professional Fund Managers, we are here to give you guidance in how to practically implement the processes applied by these very successful firms.

So, if you are looking to survive on this gold fields and prosper, then it is a very worthwhile exercise to become a member of the Traders Outpost. You don’t want to become just another victim of the Gold Rush. You want to turn your fortunes around and learn a powerful technique that you can apply for your trading life.

So, take your time stranger and look around this general store. There is a lot to familiarise yourself with.