The Art of Demystifying Price Following Techniques and Defining where the Edge Lies -Welcome to Larry Hite

Larry has been resounding on the airwaves at the moment as he launches his latest book “The Rule: How I Beat the Odds in the Markets and in Life – and How You Can Too”.

Just listening to these great interviews empowers your abilities to find that elusive edge. Larry expounds on how a Market differs to a Casino and provides that fantastic opportunity that exists to find and distil the edge which is required to tilt the table in your favour and be the speculator that attracts long term wealth building returns.

Episode #182: Larry Hite, “I Want To Be In A Position Where Something Great Can Happen…If I Don’t Get That, I Don’t Want To Play”

180: Reflection on markets and life—with a man who’s had vast financial success; Larry Hite

How can you not now buy his book. A master educator with a stunning clarity of perception 🙂


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